shop update: collection 2

orange satin evening bag

emerald green necklace

50s white evening bag

navajo southwestern earrings jewelry

40s black beaded purse bag

Collection 2 is now available in the vintage shop. I'm satisfied with the growth of new inventory I've collected over the past week and super excited to share my discoveries with you. In other news, I'm happy it's officially Autumn and the cooler weather has taken it's rightful place here in the south. Crocheting, knitting and drinking english tea consumes about 40% of my spare time. The other 60, goes to collecting vintage of course :) 

shopping list:
vintage autumn copper evening bag
emerald green necklace 
beaded envelope evening clutch
sterling silver earrings
corde' black beaded handbag


shop update: collection 1

red heart ring carnelian

sterling silver edwardian ring

1950s iridescent evening handbag

It's been a while, since I've last posted anything here on Blogger. A great deal of things have changed over the year(s) and as some might say, sometimes you must go full circle to find out where you truly belong. I missed blogging on this platform. Most of all, I missed selling vintage and sharing with you my finds. I missed the online community of talented writers, photographers, crafters and curators to say the least. Between moving across America (several times) we now find ourselves residing in the South once again, where my husband and I have originally met. 
It's great being back home and having a sense of familiarity all around us. A great amount of things that I once taken for granted, I'm ever so blessed to now have back in my life. I'm not yet convinced that we will forever stay here in the south to live and raise our son, but for now, it's great to be home. My shop, Mod Human Vintage will be undergoing a few changes over the next several weeks or so. There might be a possible name change and inventory may take a little longer to grow, but I am certain that things should be running smoothly by October 1st. Above, are three new items you can now find in the shop. It's great to finally have a shop update, no matter how small the update may be.

shopping list: 


Flower Girl

These days all I ever seem to dream about is wearing a beautiful floral headpiece and prancing around my house with my child in arm dancing to our favorite folksy songs...
If anyone has any suggestions on a great d.i.y. tutorial, please pass on the link....

photo credit: photo one: rebecca rebouche, photo two: siren school, photo three: hakani, photo four: perpetual inspiration


Shop Update I 11.26

1960s navy blue wool coat

1970s red riding hood fringe cape

1950s sailor knit sweater

1950s mohair sweater blouse

1960s fair isle cardigan sweater
One would typically find me moping around the house in an adorable vintage sweater and black cigarette pants, and when it's time to run errands, I'm wrapped in an oversize poncho or wearing a sturdy, wool coat. Sounds familiar... these things can now be found in the shop.


Black Friday / Holiday Sale

I hope those of you who celebrate Thanksgiving had a lovely holiday filled with family, friends, tons of laughter and delicious food. In honor of this special time of the year and to kick off Black Friday, everything in the shop is 25% off. This sale will last until 11/26th, 11:00 pm e.s.t.